Saginaw Township Business Association

Julie Tacktor, Valley United Insurance Agency

Vice President
Becke Popour, First State Bank

Lori L. Bommarito, Zolton Law Offices / Assisting Secretary

AJ Licht, Yeo & Yeo, P.C.

Immediate Past President
Kim Beam, Saginaw Bay Title

Executive Director
Mary Lou Feldotte, The Township View 

Membership Chair
Kim Beam, Saginaw Bay Title

Program Committee Chair
Keith Wenzel, Chemical Bank

Public Relations/Media Chairman
Chad Gohm, Gohm Insurance Restoration

Governmental Affairs/Liaison

Tim Braun, Saginaw Charter Township

Newsletter Chairman/ Publisher Printing
Barb Williams - Saginaw Medical Federal Credit Union
Education Chairman 
Mary Lou Feldotte, A-M Church Supply
Education Liaison
Saginaw Township Community Schools
Soccer Assoc. Liaison
Mike Whelton 
Chris Fechter, Future Insurance 
Constance Reppuhn - Centry 21 Signature Realty 
Beverly A. Jacobs, Director Emeritus  
In Memory of STBA Founder
Thomas McDonald, Sr.
McDonald Auto Group